How to really sharpen a knife

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Do you really want to get your knife sharp? Watch this video to see Chad get the perfect edge on a kitchen knife. Okay it gets a little tedious but scroll to the end to see the result and then back up to find out how. This video puts and end to … Read More

I am giving it away

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Am I nuts or what? I am actually giving this 10 horse Curtis D 97 compressor with 3 phase converter away for free. Sorry you all ready missed it! On Wednesday December 12 this compressor was loaded on a freight truck in Spokane Washington and sent to Stephen Cox in Stevenville Texas. … Read More

What is a Handy Sharp?

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This is something new on Unique3phase. My wife and I have a website and have sold the Handy Sharp line of knife and tool sharpeners for the last 8 years. I always kept that separate from the Unique3phase site for what ever reason I had at that time. But now that I … Read More

30 horse compressor runs at home!

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I had the chance to pick up a 30 horse compressor for a good price and took it. I know it worked because they had trucked the unit down to the Northwest Quincy dealer in Spokane to test it. It was given a clean bill of health by Quincy. Now this is … Read More

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