Rotary converter - Transformer converter - Phase Perfect - VFD- Which is right for you?


Do you need to run three phase motors on single phase power?

Multiple 3 phase motors to run on converters


Have you picked up a new machine that runs on 3 phase?

3 phase machines to run on 3 phase converter

Then this information is for you.

  • First, I don't sell finished converters or panels. I sell an instructional book.
  • I have no bias towards any manufacturer or particular method.
  • From my start in 1991 all I wanted was fair and accurate advertising about what a particular conversion method could accomplish.
  • Most people would know me for my promotion of what is called the transformer converter.
  • I found out about the transformer method back in 1991 when I had a 10hp machine that was extremely hard to start. (A 25hp rotary could not even come close to starting it)

Click on the links below to get up to date information on the different ways to run your machines.

Note: There are only two types of converters that you can build yourself. The transformer converter and the rotary converter.

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