25 hp compressor runs on single phase

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Are you tired of running out of compressed air?

Using a big grinder or polisher and having to wait for the compressor to build up again?

I spent years being frustrated over not having enough air to run some of the larger tools. 

In some shops using a rotary converter is not the right answer to your needs. Depending on the mix of machines you have in your shop you might be able to justify the expense of buying a rotary converter big enough to run something like this air compressor. But a lot of times it is just way overkill and too expensive. 

Remember to run this 25 hp air compressor you would need a 75 hp rotary or a $7500 dollar Phase Perfect. Those are two big expenses and the rotary will jack up the power bill and noise level at the shop. 

What I do is watch Craigslist for the transformers and usually I can get one cheap in a few weeks of watching. By cheap I mean $100 to $250 for a transformer larger enough to run something like this. 

The transformer is the heart of the converter and along with a couple hundred dollars of capacitors and relays you can run a compressor like this one. Of course you need to have the power to your shop/property. I run this on a 160 amp breaker and we have a 200 amp service. In the video you can see I placed a droplight at the compressor so that I could see how much of a electric sag there was starting this. It wasn’t bad. 

In the book I sell on Amazon you can learn how to do this and more. I show how to hook stuff like this up and build rotary converters and a lot of information on the subject of running three phase motors on single phase power. 


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