Where are all the rotary converter manufacturers?

What are they hiding? I went all over you tube looking for them.

     Unique3phase has been publishing information on running three phase motors on single phase for some 20 years now. Suddenly I started thinking; ‘where are the three phase converter manufacturers’? 

     When I first got started I was publicizing the transformer converter method. I spent time and energy running motors, doing tests, making dvd’s, posting videos to You Tube. One day I wondered; “Am I alone in this?”

Why don’t the 3 phase converter manufacturers show the amps and volts of their products?

     A search of 3 phase converter manufacturers turned up nothing in the way of videos.  It was disappointing to say the least. 

    Then I did find one; American Rotary. 

     Unfortunately they don’t show the rotary converter running or powering anything. One shows a guy hanging one on a wall, and another shows some construction features. Update in November 2016. American Rotary has a video up of them starting a 20 hp air compressor. But, no running amps or voltages. No input amps to starting it when the air tank is full etc.  

     Amazing! Do I just think differently then most people? Here I am posting videos and I have a meter on every parameter there is. In my first foray into this, they didn’t make convenient meters to display the amps and volts. So I used 4 clamp on amp meters and 4 Harbor Freight volt meters.

     I thought that people would want to see the motors running and see how the amps and volts balanced. To me that was important. Unique3phase made videos and posted them on You Tube showing the results. 

     Speaking of balance; here is something I noticed.

     Back in the 80’s and 90’s I read rotary converter brochures and guess what?  These things were great, Just about perfect. All sorts of claims on how it could run any motor and run it just as great as real three phase. But now you know what is funny?

American Rotary Converter - Special Balancing circuit
American Rotary Converter – Special Balancing circuit

     When I read the present day literature, for some extra money you can get a special feature. A special circuit, that balances the converter. Uh? I thought that they were balanced? I read all the brochures from ten years ago and they all balanced then. They didn’t need any special balancing then. Why do they need it now? 

     When I did my tests years ago I saw that they didn’t balance great for all loads. That was an eye opener for me. I had always heard about the rotary converter being the ultimate solution to not having 3 phase power to your shop.

    Check out my You Tube channel and see what you should be seeing from the big manufacturers. 

 Okay, a disclaimer. I was just ranting. If you need three phase power in your shop or field then an alternative is to just call a reputable three phase converter manufacturer and explain your needs to them. If they have been in business for a long time and have a good reputation then they know what they are doing and will tell you what you need. But hopefully, after reading my website, you will call a couple of different companies and explore the various options.

Your options are Phase Perfect, Rotary Converter, Transformer Converter, or VFD. And of course your local power company.  

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