That’s right! I am giving away an air compressor.

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One thing about life is that we all get older. I was looking around our property here in Idaho and started to become concerned. What if I die? Who is going to get rid of all this stuff? I don’t have any idea when I will die, none of us do, but if it does happen then my wife would have to spend a lot of time trying to get all this stuff cleared out of here if she wanted to sell our property.

When I looked at this really awesome beautiful air compressor, a 10 hp Curtis D-97, I wondered what I could get for it on Craigslist? I didn’t think I would get much. In Seattle or some big city, yes, it would go quick and for some decent money, but here in Idaho there is just not the population to ask for a lot. I sold another 10 hp compressor with converter for $2500 last year. Not much more than a compressor with out the converter.

So, I had the brilliant idea of giving the compressor away to someone who would be able to use it. But I also wanted to be able to get some advertising out of the deal. So I offered it to ChuckE2009 on you tube and it didn’t work out that he could use it at this time. I was glad he was honest about that. I would have hated for him to take it and stick it in the corner and not use it. But Steven Cox’s name came up as a friend of ChuckE’s that could use it. So I offered it to him and we are making arrangements to get it to him. He needs to have his electrical service installed first.

And no, I don’t know if I will give away any of the other compressors I have here.


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